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Gently rub the soap on the wet skin and lather it well. Thereafter rinse the lather with water until the skin is clear of lather. wipe the skin with a dry cloth.

Suitable for all skin types.


FREE FROM: Paraffin - Parabens - Phthalates - Sodium Laureath Sulphate (SLS), Synthetic or Chemical Preservatives


Against Animal testing.



Charcoal & Honeysuckle

  • Serves as Natural Cleanser

    Wash away oily skin and clogged pores with charcoal and honeysuckle soap. Activated charcoal has been used in skin care products for years because of its detoxifying properties. Activated charcoal draws oil and other impurities out of pores and leaves skin balanced and healthy. Sweet honeysuckle oil sooths skin, leaving skin free of wrinkles and blemishes. The stress relieving properties of honeysuckle oil will help lift your mood all day.

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