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About Royale Ayurveda


Centuries ago, queens and kings of ancient civilizations cultivated extensive knowledge of natural formulas and beauty regimens that kept the monarchy’s skin exquisitely youthful. Royals were often revered as majestic and enchanting, due to their stunning complexions. Kept undisclosed for ages, these much sought-after formulas were finally decoded.


Many of these divine recipes are heavily founded upon Ayurveda, a 6000-year-old ancient science beyondmerely a system of medicine. It is the science of life, the interconnection of mind and body. And for ages, it has held the key to healthy and radiant skin. Finally unlocked, these secretsinspired the conception of our luxury product line, Royale Ayurveda. Guided by the wisdom of brilliant sages, Ayurvedic texts, and utmost royalty, we bring to you the purest skin care, body care, and beauty products that repair, brighten, rejuvenate, and nurture your precious skin.


In unique synthesis with this holistic, Ayurvedic foundation, our product line promises a luxurious experience. We bring you products robust with nourishment and rejuvenating prowess. You will feel supremely Royale as you massage moisturizing creams into dry, tired skin; as you scrub away old skin and replenish the new; as you renew the youthful complexion you so long for.


As intended by our venerated leaders, we formulate these treasured recipes with only the purest, most natural and rich products. Most of Royale Ayurveda’s line is hand-crafted from powerful plants and herbs gathered deep in the lush forests of the majestic Himalayas. Every product is crafted with lavishness and care.


Indulge your body and mind with these deluxe products. Once you’ve experienced Royale Ayurveda, you will never look back.

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